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Metric Tristar, the leading provider for all your Transit business needs that delivers great usability for your day-to-day operations. Our ticketing machines (ETMs) and Back Office solutions offer features like EMV Card Payments, support for national schemes, Fleet Management and Real Time information with high scalability and robustness to deliver a hassle-free experience.

Electronic Ticketing Machines


Supports Contactless Payment for Mastercard/Visa - Debit and Credit Cards along with support for iOS and Android Wearables.


Our Smart Basket caters for selling multiple tickets at once to reduce the ticketing time.


Real-Time Information 

Schedule adherence, stop and farestage names (GPS). Running duty selection based on GPS. Driver Messaging.

National Scheme Support

The ETMs readily supports the LEAP and ITSO schemes. It also supports DSP card and Free Passes.

Back Office

Cloud Based 

Our cloud based Back Office ensures your business is uninterrupted by providing an average 99.5% uptime and also ensures that the storage is easily scalable with the growing demand of your portfolio. All our cloud servers ensure maximum security and are PCI certified. 


PCI-DSS Compliant

Our BO systems are PCI compliant allowing us to support EMV Card payments.  


TransXchange Compliant

Metric BO supports the importing of operator data from TransXChange, a UK national standard for the interchange of bus route and timetable information between bus operators, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. 


Vehicle Monitoring and Real Time Reports

Our ETMs are constantly sending data in near realtime to the Back Office. This allows users to view the latest information for specfic journeys detailing passenger load, ticket sales and bus location.


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